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2015-01-19Domestic acrylic construction is not high Prices rose a strong

     Strong domestic acrylic devices start low and prices. Acrylic acid plant shutdown of the north areas, no mainstream quotation; South acrylic factory inventories fell, the price increases quickly, mainstream offer in 12100-13000 yuan/ton, more than a week ago rose 600 yuan/ton.
Domestic market supply tight spot, acrylic price swings. The east China acrylic market trading atmosphere is good, the dealer at high prices, prices rose significantly. The current general acid market mainstream prices in 11800-12000 yuan/ton, than the first rise in 400-500 yuan/ton; Pure acid market mainstream quotation in 12500-12600 yuan/ton, more than 600-700 yuan/ton a week ago.
     Acrylic spot supplies in south China, buy the goods increase, dealers shipped intention is not strong, general acid barrelled mainstream quotation in 13000-13500 yuan/ton, high-end than first rose 200 yuan/ton; Bottled pure acid of mainstream quotation in 14300-14500 yuan/ton, more than 500-700 yuan/ton a week ago; Acrylic acid market in north China to discuss good atmosphere, downstream buyers into purchasing, trading volume was moderate increase, dealers shipped smoothly, general acid mainstream quotation in 11800-12100 yuan/ton, than the first rise in 300-500 yuan/ton.
     Market commentary. Domestic acrylic plant stop after a long vacation is more, factory inventories, no delivery pressure; The upstream raw material in high, strong support the cost of acrylic acid, downstream factory's price is determined, dealers to boost confidence. Although the current market turnover remains to be further follow up, but insufficient supply side, help the short-term market keep strong.