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2015-01-19Xingyang a chemical plant explosion caused a fire Caused no casualties

Yesterday noon, cuddled up even huo highway xingyang a chemical plant explosion, fire continued for more than two hours, said local caused no casualties, cause is under investigation.
Henan business newspaper reporter 8 CunRui XingJun interns sunke liu hua wen reporters cat/figure
The accident
Chemical plant burst into flames
Citizens more than 1 PM yesterday, Mr. Wang from henan business source said, xingyang even huo high-speed, exit a chemical plant explosion, fire is very large.
Around 2 o 'clock in the afternoon, the henan business newspaper reporters drove to the scene, has not been under high speed, then he saw ahead a smoke into the sky, with a pungent smell. From the mouth to the south, the roadside parked twenty to fire truck. About 500 meters south of Lucy pull line a crossing.
A man said, the factory is a paraffin factory, "with chlorine, chlorine gas explosion don't know if factory." Another, onlookers said chemical fire smoke rolling, fled after the workers heard the explosion. Crossing a vendors selling water, said didn't see someone is injured.
An accident place called xingyang zhongyuan chemical plant, hospital took the black smoke, fire officers and soldiers are trying to save. A two-story building burned only walls.
Because of the fire place close to even huo highway, after the incident, many highway passing motorists and passengers will be accident took to twitter. Netizens @ xingyang goose song said, he saw the wall smoke, by the wind to the side pressure, thought it was a tornado. Have net friend say, this period of high speed are shrouded in smoke, a Peugeot 207 car for smoke slow speeds, be followed behind a pickup truck rear-end collision.
In response to
The reason is investigating
Yesterday afternoon 3 PM, in the place near a factory, xingyang high village township people's congress chairman Zhang Haiqing reported the accident to the media.
He took a "xingyang zhongyuan chemical fire report", according to the accident of xingyang zhongyuan chemical plant located in xingyang high village township Zhang Cunlian huo high-speed road, the company now has two chlorinated paraffin production line, the enterprise head for wang mou.
, he said, on October 9, 12 noon, the chemical plant explosion accident, at 1 PM to 30 points, the fire under control, 13 points at 3 fire was put out, fire area of 360 square meters. Xingyang environmental authorities have stepped in, to test the surrounding air quality. The accident no one was injured, the cause of the accident is under further investigation.
Yesterday afternoon, henan commercial daily reporter learned from the fire department, the explosion accident, belongs to the field of production safety, the fire department is involved in the rescue, details will be subject to local bulletin. Xingyang 120 emergency center a staff, said the accident, they were no casualties alarm record.