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2015-01-19Methanol continued upward trend

​Domestic disk: zhengzhou methanol ME1301 contract 7 closed up. The highest price is 2706 yuan/ton, the lowest price is 2613 yuan/ton, closed late in 2684 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day up 2.72%, reduced 8754 hands, volume 111890 hands.
News: 1, a total of 180000 tons/year xinjiang bazhou dong Chen chemical gas to methanol plant nissan 400 tons, its methanol price stability in the 1800-2000 yuan/ton, low-end &railway, high-end trucks; 2, Shanghai coking in anhui inaction newly built 600000 tons/year methanol device to start production is currently at the end of April 8-9, its main methanol for contract, no external concrete offer.
Execution spot: jiangsu port methanol market offer 2780-2820 yuan/tons, taicang is currently offers more than 2780-2790 yuan/tons, jiangyin offer more perform about 2790-2800 yuan/ton, the high-end nantong offer more perform about 2810-2820 yuan/ton, futures are still slightly out in the morning, on city mood is thicker, discuss how small single, short-term is expected to the city of judah.
View summary: Mario draghi unveiled a high-profile bond buying program details, stimulate the economy. The domestic horse of large infrastructure projects, the interpretation market as a government bail-out, do more in high spirits. Aspects of supply and demand, the domestic methanol leading importers of sinopec, petrochina said it would cut imports of Iranian methanol supply countries and Iran is the main domestic methanol. Northwest part of the methanol enterprise began to offer, price stability. Technically, methanol 1301 appear larger underweight, beforehand in the short term profit fled to drive the futures retracement, relying on 20 short empty advice days.