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  • Substructure
  • Full-structure
  • Exact Full-structure
  • Smilarity 90%
  • Smilarity 80%
  • Smilarity 60%

Directions for use

Button C, N, O, P, S, F, I, H corresponds to its atoms. Button corresponding to Cl, L B corresponds to the Br.
Draw the r-mode structure, for instance, after the search, the result would be r-mode, S - type and racemic mixture are displayed

Structured search

Function is introduced
  • 1、Support the molecular structure of polymer, biological, chemical and biological sequences
  • 2、Support the stereochemistry
  • 3、Support for polymer chemistry
  • 4、Read and write Molfile, Rxnfile, SMILES, SMARTS, XML, SDF, ChemDraw, ISIS/Draw
  • 5、Conversion name (IUPAC, CAS, common name, etc.) in chemical structure