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The company is equipped with professional chemical and biological reagent storage warehouse, have plenty of stock and customers in this website to the product after confirmed by the customer, can be realized on the same day delivery. Site inventory shows as follows:
Inventory number greater than 0, the warehouse have a spot, daily premise occurring simultaneously confirmed orders at three o 'clock in the afternoon, on the day of shipment.
Inventory quantity is zero or uncharted, that is, the product without spot, or is in production, please confirm with customer then confirm the delivery date.
All the company's products through strict packaging, and use with certain qualifications of transport express company for delivery, the customer can be displayed in the "my orders" page through the Courier number to query the product the arrival of the goods.
Delivery time: Monday to Friday, confirm the order before 3 o 'clock on the day of the delivery, the rest the next day delivery (delivery of orders after 3 PM on Friday, Monday), if encounter special cases failed to timely delivery, after sales customer service will contact with our customer specifications and negotiate a solution.