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1、Payment before delivery :
Customers after the confirmation of order, according to the order payment information of the agreement, within one working day to complete the payment, after the finance department to confirm the subscription, logistics supply department in the timely delivery; If there are any special requirements, with the company after examination and approval, you can according to the remittance bottom single shipment
2、Goods to pay:
After customer confirmation of the order, logistics supply department in accordance with the contract delivery date of delivery. The customer need to payment within 3 working days of receipt of the invoice after receiving the goods checked.
3、Ticket to pay :
Customers need to pay within three working days after receipt of invoice, after confirmation of order delivery.
4、Monthly knot :
The customer and the fixed Yolne agreed settlement date (the reagent Lin will quote 5 days before the date of the invoice in the month knot, customers need to pay within three working days after receipt of invoice.