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The Yolne reagent has been put special emphasis on product quality, every batch of products are through strict quality control can be put in storage. We will be in the first place for customers to solve for the product quality problem. Details please see the following treatment, or call the forest after sales customer service

Quality complaints process

1, complain to the Yolne reagents after-sales customer service reaction causes and order information.

2, the Yolne reagents after-sales customer service confirm the complaint information.

3, customer need to provide comprehensive complaint evidence.

4, the reagent Yolne will be the quality complaints investigation and handling results internally.

5, the Yolne reagent provides quality complaint handling results.

Packing damage

After receiving the product packing breakage or leakage is found, please photograph at once. Then the reagent Lin will give them treatment according to photos.

The quality problem

Each batch of the Yolne reagent products pass strict quality inspection, if found quality problems or purity, please contact our customer service first. If product does not conform to, please according to the NMR to determine whether the product purchased products. If the purity is not enough, please on the basis of HPLC and GC to determine the purity of the product is as described in COA. To the quality problem of the precise, the reagent Lin will give a replacement or a refund processing, and to give the customer satisfactory answer

Due to the particularity of chemical and biological reagent products, the reagent Lin will not accept the following complaints:

1, more than product quality complaints time complaints.

2, not quality complaint report mentioned indicators.