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Join the Lin reagent condition

1、companies and individuals have certain economic strength, scope of business in accordance with the requirements of the reagent Lin, and obey the law.

2、the legal person (manager) must have above college level of education, management and sales experience, a pioneering consciousness and service concept, rich sense of responsibility.

3、promised to accept the Lin reagent provides various training, the commitment to perform the reagent Lin's each rules and regulations, and strictly abide by it.

4、to join the company or office should be an independent legal entity.

Join the Yolne reagent

1、join consulting (interested in joining the company or individual will be the company's business license, please fax your resume and contact information, personal work, or contact the Lin reagent for the personnel of the service).

2、fill out the application form.

3、franchisees investigation, examination and approval (after approved, can sign the letter of intent first).

4、join the agreement.

5、the Yolne reagent to provide relevant information.