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Yolne reagent is a collection of research and development, production and sales of high-tech companies. Products involved in organic synthesis, pharmaceutical research and development, new materials, new energy development, biological reagents, standards, analysis and a variety of related research areas. Especially good at the medicine of small molecule compound, standard product, biological reagent and so on. The size of the package from G to large packaging specifications, but also part of the semi bulk and bulk products, can be scientific research and industrial production at all stages to provide quality excellence in high quality products.

The yolne reagent now moved to Shanghai International Medical Park, and East China University of science and technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other colleges and universities has a good technical cooperation, has a well-equipped research and development laboratory, pilot workshop, and two co production plant in Zhejiang and Anhui. We can according to customer requirements, customized production of all kinds of products from grams to ton grade.

The more yolne reagent is a trustworthy, service oriented company. Product quality is our conduct, but the forest provided to customers far more than the product itself, spot inventory, packaging, emergency response, customer technical support and so on can meet and exceed your expectations for us is equally important the. The more yolne provides customers with quality products, the most competitive prices, first-class service and personalized technology support platform.